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Latest Updates. Live Sex Cams. Live Cam Girls. Log in. New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. Discussion Reviews Has a variety of solid animation scenes with the various ghosts you encounter. The story vosmug h somewhat interesting but not particularly distracting. Some of the puzzle elements can be a little unclear and leave you walking all over the house to try to find the missing item you need to progress, but generally does a decent job marking where you need to go on the map. Not certain about the multiple control issues that reviewers seem to mention as I faced none.

Using xPadder you can even play this with gamepad.

Vosmug h

The story is most certainly what stands out in this game, and it does have quite a big of dialogue. Ghost H scenes are rather imaginative, though a lot of it is tentacles if you don't enjoy that. What i found lacking was flavor text for H attacks. That takes some of the fun away from me. Recommended to play, takes 4 hours. Do follow installation instructions. An absolutely pointless game. The controls are rubbish and the time when the ghosts are solid to hit is too short.

You can outrun most of the ghosts to see the lewd scenes. They are just over vosmug h few frames and doesn't classify as fap material by me. Vosmug h you like side scrollers with some good level de, responsive gameplay, great H elements etc. Go ahead and play this ASAP, you'll thank yourself later. The combat is completely horrible and there is no way around which makes it unplayable for me, even if the art is good.

I can't even recommend to try it, because the combat is just so stupidly bad deed. Loved this game. Took bit long to complete, but enjoyed every moment of it. Spend some time figuring out map- makes much more enjoyable experience. Animations are fluid and fun. Characters are interesting, story is great. Unique plot. I recommend you to play it, if you not just want to fap, but to try something new. Can't tell what I dislike, game is just good, that's it. If you like a little spook in your X Games, give this a shot.

Can be a little difficult and will definitely take 15 minutes to get used to. It has sound, for that im impressed. I saw some comparing this to Night of revenge, bruh, no match. Version i reviev is 1. Note: game is at version 1. Stability : No bugs that I encountered. Gameplay: Controls are reasonable and responsive.

Vosmug h

Character movement speed is a little slow, but alright otherwise. There's no standard "jumping" ability, and instead you gain an odd "flight" ability early on instead, which is kind of weird, but eh, it works for this game. Easily the biggest flaw, though, and the reason I'm very tempted to give this game only a single star, is the infuriating, downright impossible combat. In order to defeat enemies, you must first land a stun attack, followed by a second attack that actually does the damage.

The problem is, the enemies are flying all around you and only intermittently become vulnerable- with seemingly no predictable pattern as to when or for how long they'll do so. Given that they are often well above the range of your attack you can't aim up, only one side or the otheryou're not even guaranteed to hit. This sometimes includes when they're right on top of you, for some reason. And the damage you do, even with the first damage upgrade, is also vosmug h. And keep in mind that a lot of times, the brief moment when they are vulnerable, it means they're about to attack you.

And all too often, especially beyond the intro area, the timing window is so small that by the time you launch a stun attack, it may well be too late. Nevermind that ghosts are always in groups and stunning one leaves you vulnerable to an attack from the other side, which pins you once you're naked which will happen very quickly and prevent you from doing the vosmug h damage attack to your target- especially considering how briefly they're stunned, even with one or two upgrades to stun duration.

Vosmug h

Upgrades which are overly costly for the orbs you manage to acquire, I might add. And you can only get them in two key locations on the map. It's that bad. Aesthetics: T he ghost des are creative and interesting, and the animations are pretty well done. Content General : Seems to be quite a bit of it, but it's hard to gauge, due to the absurd difficulty slowing you down fairly early on.

Content XXX : Again, the ghost des are interesting and pretty well varied, and the animations are quite enjoyable. These two are the only saving grace preventing me from giving this game a lower score. Overall: Good aesthetics and des, terrible and infuriating gameplay with some neat ideas that are implemented awfully.

FUCK the gameplay. It's terrible. Which is a shame, because with some tweaking, it could be fun. And maybe some updates will fix it in the future. Picked it back up after having finished it on NG a year back. As I remembered it being, the game is pretty solid. My only two main issues are as follows. Combat-wise there's no way to avoid 2 ghosts simultaneously attacking from both directions, which happens quite often. You're stuck hoping certain ghosts don't attack at the times where it is simply impossible to dodge them.

Group fights can quickly become a clustered nightmare which is just frustrating. Often I really felt like the fights dragged on for way too long, resulting in me having dodged the same attack a good 20 times in one fight. The final boss really overused one-hit-kill abilities.

I don't remember if that was the case in NG anymore but it was just frustrating to the point where I just stuck to the bottom of the map, hoping she never used the ray attack in that spot once. She didn't, after a good amount of deaths. I beat a good amount of bosses using sheer luck just to get out of their 0. Despite these issues the game's story is quite interesting, no huge text walls or constant choicemaking either. The fact that the translation was done really well made the characters all the more likeable for me.

Things never really went stale, sometimes our protagonists would argue, have some wit to them, Finally, the H-scenes. Really well done, it really shows that a lot of effort went into them. I don't know if this game will be updated in the future, but once those aforementioned issues are ironed out we'll have a masterpiece on our hands.

This is a fantastic sidescroller! The animations are on point. They even went vosmug h and updated the gallery to include more of the in game animations after feedback. I seriously can't recommend this enough! I had written an entire review going over each individual aspect of the game, but it seems that I accidentally clicked outside the text window and lost a whole vosmug h of text.

Compelling story, likeable characters, well-made sex animations a whole Vosmug h of them. Controls take some getting used to, but the developer made sure to ease you into them.

Vosmug h

No need to play the memory game before starting! Total gameplay ended vosmug h about 4 hours, which is a hell of a mark to make for a game like this. Not a single minute playing was wasted. My only complaints lie in the awkward walking animations, difficulty of collecting orbs constantly expending them just to stay aliveand "mini"map layout but only initially, after getting used to it I was much more comfortable navigating around. All in all, a better game than most of the content I've found on this site!

Highly recommend! However, Ghost Hunter Vena provides a wide range of mechanics and situations to rise above the frustrations I've found typically plague these games. For example, it gives the player a surprising amount of control over when and how often the MC ends up choking on ghost-schlong, while still managing to present largely challenging and interesting gameplay.

As a game, this game does very well. Story-wise the game tre little new ground, relying largely on tropes to provide back-story for the characters which is my main criticism of the game. However, the tropes are at least competently used as a foundation to a coherent story that even manages to be engaging and provide a few mild twists. Most importantly, this is an H-game from the ground up, so there are plenty of story H-scenes that arise naturally from the narrative, with a good mix of various characters and scenarios. Speaking of H-content, I vosmug h note that while this is a horror game there are very disturbing themes throughoutthe game doesn't go heavy into it graphically.

Blood is a common element some of the evil ghosts literally drip it and there is death, but it's purely in service of story and well separated from H-content. For example, if the MC is defeated by one of the blood-drippy ghosts, there's no rape scene - it's just a fast fade to white, and then you're back at the last save point.

The graphics and animation are largely simple and occasionally quite badbut the game clearly evidences some strong prioritization and time-management skills. A character might transition from a short, wooden, shambling walk cycle to a detailed animation of clothing shredding and holes being gradually penetrated, complete with jiggling breasts. Overall, I had no complaints here, and a few pleasant surprises. The main flaw with the game, and the thing stopping me from just giving it a 5-star review, is the lack of personality from the characters during H-content.

A few of the story H-scenes provide some window into how the characters are reacting to the situation, but by and large the MC responds to having her holes stretched and filled with some mixture of stoicism and blushing ahegao face, seemingly randomly chosen. The MC is often given the choice of being clothed or naked, but this decision has no impact on interaction with other characters, and - most disappointingly - when there is dialogue about sex and sexuality, it usually takes a form something like this: The MC picks herself up off the floor, completely naked and leaking from her freshly-fucked holes in full view of the people around her Then freaks out because someone just said the word "semen", and that's a naughty word.

Despite its flaws, I enjoyed this game and would recommend it. But it's hard not to wish that it'd been just a little bit more. Great game, good reactive gameplay that requires you to learn enemy attacks. Interesting story although it has a slightly rushed end but dont let that stop you and good scenes! You vosmug h should play this! The platforming is nothing special, and the final boss is just a nightmare of bad movement and hitboxes and oneshots.

That said, the story is excellent, the english is okay, and the animations are pretty sweet once you get a hang of how to manipulate them. Don't break free, but don't let the bar bottom out either, once vosmug h turns pink you're good to go - repeat performances after being "pinked" may show extra animations. The gallery unlocks after you clear the game, but it leaves a bit to be desired.

The ingame animations are definitely better. Showing all items.

Vosmug h

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