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Originally posted by dailyjeons. That was something you were accustomed to now. It was almost comforting; at least it reminded you of what had been. Sometimes, you felt like your relationship had never even happened. Four years of love, lost in one moment. At first, it was the burning in your throat.

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The suffocating tendrils of flame that choked you in your sleep, woke you up in the tumblr cheat screaming. Some days you would just put on one of his large t-shirts and drown yourself in his scent, closing your eyes as you burned silently. Then, it was the hysteria. Anything and everything brought you to tears; movies, songs on the radio, loved-up couples in public… It was pathetic.

And finally, the hollowness. You stopped missing shifts at work, started eating and sleeping again, and even went out a few times with your friends. You nursed a cocktail at the bar while they danced, and only smiled when they begged you to them. But there was always something missing. Your laugh was different, too.

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You would laugh out of politeness, or even awkwardness, but you were never truly happy. Nothing amused you anymore. You were always, always hollow. Of course, Taehyung noticed each of these differences. With all the time he spent looking at you, how could he not? He noticed the smaller, harsher shape of your face, the dullness in your eyes, the way you took a few moments to laugh when someone said something that was meant to be funny.

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It was cutting him tumblr cheat inside, that his best friend was the cause of all your pain. Selfishly, it bothered him more that you were hurting over someone else. But you would never even imagine how he felt. You were too busy in your own thoughts to really notice anyone else. He was sitting a few inches across from you on the sofa, his long body angled towards yours.

Going back home. All my family are back home, and I need them right now. I have to go. It was selfish, so disgustingly selfish, but Taehyung wanted to ask for you to stay.

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He wanted to ask you to stay and never leave his side. His love for you had been guilt-ridden when you and Jungkook were dating, but now he had an actual chance - a chance that was fading as soon as it had appeared. Taehyung needed you. God, he needed you.

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He lived off of your small interactions like oxygen; a brief glance tumblr cheat his direction, an accidental brush of your hands, even a smile. That was the best thing, actually. On the rare days that Taehyung could get you to smile at him, he felt like he had won the lottery. Your smile was a gift to him. It was selfish and wrong to tell you how he felt while you were still hurting, but what if that was what it took for you to stay?

If you even have time during all your world tours and photoshoots and movies and things. Taehyung sighed deeply. To be honest, you were a little tumblr cheat aback by his sudden show of affection. Both of you looked up as the door swung open, pushed with so much force that it smacked into the wall before ricocheting, leaving a small dimple in the plaster where the door-handle had been.

Jungkook was standing in the doorway. He wore a thick coat, boots, and an expression of betrayal. His shoulders, shoes, and hair had a light dusting of snow, which was melting fast in the warmth. Your mouth popped open. The hollowness was starting to sharpen into pain.

Taehyung looked apologetically at you.

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Then, you forced yourself to look at Jungkook. You looked at the floor. It was easier that way. Taehyung turned around in his seat to face his bandmate, and you could tell simply by the set of his jaw that he was livid. The acidity of his voice surprised you, and a quiet gasp slipped past your lips. Or rather, who you would choose. But you had known you what you would do from the moment Jungkook had walked into the room. Who was he kidding? It was always going to be him. Jungkook closed the door to his bedroom behind you, and you stood awkwardly next to his dresser, your hands stiff at your sides.

There was a short silence, and then Jungkook cleared his throat loudly, loosening the thick scarf around his neck. You swallowed. What if he asked you not to leave? You had to say no, right? I just…want to be home right now. Jungkook stared gloomily at you, his dark eyes filled with angst.

The second you asked me to move to Korea, I did it without another thought. He looked at the floor. He buried his head into his hands, slumping onto the edge of his bed. Your face softened, and you fought back the urge to sit by him and hug him, comfort him. Like you always did.

You shrugged, sighing. He seemed to process what you had said for a moment, and then rubbed his eyes with the heel of his hand. You could see that he was crying, and it tumblr cheat your gut twist in pain.

Jungkook got up again, and you backed away when he approached you. He stopped abruptly, holding his hands up in concession. You laughed, tumblr cheat cold, hard sound. Do you need me to remind you of what I walked in on?

Jungkook swiftly went pale. Everything you were saying was right. He was the fucked up one here. You deserved better. You huffed out a breath, looking around the room. You fixed your eyes on a neat pile of clothes on his desk. T-shirts, mostly. Start packing and all that. You nodded awkwardly, and began to turn to the door. The tension in the room was almost tangible. Jungkook approached you quickly and threw his arms around you, knocking you into his chest. He sighed deeply, placing one hand on the back of your head. Jungkook smelled like he always did - coffee grounds and fresh linen and mint.

His arms felt as secure and safe around you as they always had. You had embraced each other like this a million times over. But things were so, so different now. You forced yourself to pull away, and it felt like your chest was shattering all over again. Still, it was over too soon. You both wiped away your tears, and dropped your hands at your sides. This was so final, so unequivocally overand it was breaking your already devastated heart.

He could only watch wistfully as the girl he loved slipped through the door, and out of his life. His expression tumblr cheat one of alarm. You sighed, wrapping your arms around your knees and tucking them up into your chest. Taehyung felt sick to his stomach. Jungkook frowned slightly. Jungkook ignored him, then walked over to you and extended his hand.

Tumblr cheat

Jungkook frowned. Just one last time?

Tumblr cheat

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