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Stratospiel is an upcoming turn-based RPG that follows the journey of who awakens on a strange planet with no memories and is faced with a vast array of enemies and the choice to either destroy or befriend them. The choices you make will impact the tone and outcome of this story. I played that for the first time on my Switch back in February and was absolutely blown tumblr adult games.

I also liked how the items you used in battle were also used to manipulate the overworld. Other games that influenced Stratospiel are the WarioWare and Ace Attorney games—absurd humor is my favorite, and that has definitely worked its way into Stratospiel. Also, because it complements the tone of the game as well. A lot of the humor in Stratospiel is derived from fun visual gags. The same goes for the more serious moments, too. I think, aside from composing the music, deing the enemies has been my favorite part of making the game.

Tumblr adult games

The enemies you fight can range from cute, to silly, to fearsome. As for the main antagonist?

Tumblr adult games

Your choices impact two big things in the game: the plot and the tone. The same goes for tone—killing people is pretty dark, I would say. I hope players take away an appreciation for the themes that are in there. Each character and area has a central idea tumblr adult games into them, and how you as a player interact with them determines their direction and arc.

Everyone has something to say, and this is my way of doing so. Choices in video games are nothing new, but having players think about the consequences of choices is something that I think games really excel at, and Stratospiel is no different. I can guarantee that fans familiar with the genre will be surprised with how things turn out! Stratospiel will be available on Steam for Mac and Windows in Fall Follow stratospie l for updates and other announcements, and check out the Kickstarter here!

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Tumblr adult games

So how do people feel about Pokemon Unite? Stratospiel is reminiscent of other turn-based RPGs like Earthbound and Undertale —was Stratospiel inspired by either? Were there any other games that inspired you during the development process?

Tumblr adult games

What made you choose pixel art as the art style for Stratospiel? What types of enemies can we expect to see in the game? Will the game have multiple endings? What do you hope players will take away from Stratospiel? This interview has been edited for clarity. Shall We Date?

Tumblr adult games Tumblr adult games

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