Top 80s pornstars

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While porn may have really started gaining mainstream in the 70s, the 80s brought some of the most admired stars in the adult entertainment industry. This era gave us the porn foundation that modern porn takes from today!

Top 80s pornstars

This was the time where porn became readily accessible through the VCR. Back in the s, one could buy or rent XXX flicks and watch them in bed. It also became a lot less expensive to create porn films, which meant that the amount of porn available was way more than the decades. One of the only downsides to porn during the s was the quality of the movies but besides that, there were a lot of cheesy additions during this decade that are still being used in the porn industry.

Some examples of this are elevator music, the big wild hair, and the cheesy dialogue. The 80s, as well as every decade prior, was known for porn stars having a lot of pubic hair. Additionally, the actresses in the industry were all natural and breasts were not augmented. Every decade there are fashion trends that tend to show up across every industry including top 80s pornstars.

This is definitely the case with porn stars of the 80s. Some of these fashion statements may have come and left and others may pop up in the future. Here are a few that really caught Mr. The wedding dress was made as a pop cultural symbol that one would wear no matter what one was doing.

Porn actresses dressed up in a cute wedding dress and put on some casual accessories to dress it down and then played different roles that lead to some pretty amazing sex scenes. I believe that this was just a fad that has slowly gone away and will never return but time will tell.

Plaid was definitely a style choice, mainly of male pornstars. Off-color floral patterns are more than just for couch cushions and in the 80s, porn actresses wore it in various kinds of ways. Porn Geek will go in depth about which porn actresses are worthy of a few views if not more. Some of the most popular stars of the adult entertainment industry make their debut and become well-known and adored in the s.

Below you will notice a list of 80s porn stars. These top 80s pornstars became popular for different reasons. What is said about adult entertainment during this time is that it was almost like a big family as everyone knew one another and got along. Christy Canyon appeared in over XXX films throughout her career and started her career in In the 90s Christy won several awards.

She is currently retired from the industry but you should totally check out some of her 80s appearances in adult films like I like to be Watched and Savage Fury. Soon thereafter, Nina top 80s pornstars her way into performing in adult films.

Top 80s pornstars

Nina also made her way into mainstream entertainment with roles in a few different films the most popular being Boogie Nights. Ginger Lynn made her way into the adult entertainment industry by first posing for Penthouse. It brought her the attention from the xxx industry and she quickly began performing in adult films.

Top 80s pornstars

She has won 7th place by AVN in a list of the 50 best pornstars of all time. Ginger has been in several mainstream films. If you have yet to see her, you have to check her out! Kelly Nichols won several awards throughout her career and even made a splash in mainstream movies. Peter North is a big name in porn. He started performing in gay scenes and xxx movies and then moved into straight xxx flicks. Peter North has appeared in over scenes and owns a production company.

He has won several awards in the 90s and continues to appear and direct x-rated films.

Top 80s pornstars

She has been featured in photo shoots for big-time magazines like Penthouse and Hustler. Amber Lynn was the first female adult actress that made the way to dance touring. There are plenty of other pornstars that started their career in the adult entertainment industry in the s. Vintage Pornstars from the s. Ginger Lynn Ginger Lynn made her way into the adult entertainment industry by first posing for Penthouse.

Peter North Peter North is a big name in porn. Posted By Mr. Porn Geek on October 5, Your browser does not support the video tag.

Top 80s pornstars Top 80s pornstars

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