The prison boys walkthrough

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Note: Some things have to be done under Search mode, like interacting with, inspecting and collecting objects and so on. Search — Sword beside the bed. Tip: You can visit the stage again from the title to read the dialogue of another choice. Talk Naoya Saeki — About Mr. Ohkawa — About the house. Search Area 1 — Torn paper under the corner of the carpet — Memo pad on the table, beside the coffee cup.

Use the sword to get it. Interact 1. Use pencil on memo pad. Writings will be revealed. Use cloth to clean the painting. The painting will be revealed. Combine the paper halves the prison boys walkthrough Area 1 and 2. View the clean painting through the mirror. Note down the colours corresponding to the positions of the shapes, then refer to the memo pad for the corresponding s.

Hence, go to the painting and enter at its bottom. Envelopes will be revealed. Tap on Nagi on the bed, under the sheets 2. Continue talking to him until the choice comes up. Note: If I put a tick beside a choice, it means that a certain choice is necessary in order to proceed to the next part.

Interact — Mysterious woman — Street vendor. Talk A flower girl — Items — About mother —? I…… I think Naoya killed himself. Mitsuru killed Naoya and disguised it as a suicide…? I think the probability is low. Hang him. Lock the room. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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The prison boys walkthrough

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[The Prison Boys] Chapter 1 Walkthrough