Sexy police tumblr

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He had a package to deliver. I told him I could see that, and invited him so I could inspect his package sexy police tumblr accept his delivery. The Chief doesn't always go out on a ride-along, but when he doeshe expects to enjoy more than just the ride. Like there was ever any doubt that I was gonna get down there, give them a good seeing to, then take their throbbing cocks into my mouth, letting them nut balls deep, before swallowing their sweet spew down.

Just sit back, relax, unzip, and enjoy. And blow him I did, or rather, let him unzip and use my mouth to relieve himself of his shift stress. All told, he was sucked clean and zipped up, ready to return to duty in under two minutes. Sometimes, some quick release is all you need to get you through the day.

He stopped by straight after his shift and dumped his load down my throat and it did feel good. Daddy was seriously stressed and in need of some service, as was his entire squad. Sitting in a layby with his zipper down and my mouth on his cock, is one way to relieve some midnight shift-stress. Posts Likes Following Ask me anything Archive. Top Photos. Recently Liked.

Sexy police tumblr

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