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On the outside he was all human minus the wings, but internally his body functioned like a hawk — literally. His brain was morphed somewhere between human and avian, the human half being the more dominant side for most of the time. He talked like a human, walked like a human, everything physical was practically human.

Pretty moms tumblr

Obviously those instincts overlapped with basic human ones at most times: fear, anger, sociability, curiosity … but there were some outliers. His little birdie brain always ran a mile a minute when it came to three things: sexuality, companionship, and reproduction. Hawks mated for life then had kids until they died.

He just had to be able to smell the pheromones and arousal, he just had to have a yearly mating season which is when the power struggle between his human side and avian side began to tip towards the latterhe just had to have his sexuality dialed to one hundred at all times and most of the time these pissed him the fuck off. He could almost function normally for most of the time. This place was his regular. He came so often that he and the workers had his order memorized to a T. It was one of the only places in the whole city that treated him like an equal and not like some celebrity.

He loved his fans, he really did, mainly because they sent his already abnormally high ego past the roof, but by god were they tiring. Maybe he would have went to school and studied something like aviation — the plane kind not the bird kind — then, met a nice girl and would date her for a few years before getting married and having those kids his birdie brain so dearly wanted. So he was in this life of kicking ass and taking names, nonstop, no breaks, and no pretty moms tumblr for any of that.

Pretty moms tumblr

She was a girl named Kumi, and at one point Keigo actually babysat her. She had a little fire to her, literally, her quirk was fire spitting, literally. Then he felt it, not physically no, but he could sense the chubby little hand reaching out for the longer, fluffier feathers of his wings before it even made contact. He let it happen. So, when the tiny hand came down so kindly onto the pane of crimson, he smiled softly.

He had unruly tufts of brown hair atop of his head and pretty jade green eyes that Keigo swore stared straight into his soul. He wore a beige shirt with what he assumed to be a western version of a Pro Hero on it. The boy nodded enthusiastically as his eyes scanned over the vast expanse of crimson red in front of him. You were connected to the boy via holding hands, his little fist wrapped by your lightly larger palm. Really pretty: beautiful hair that frames your feminine face perfectly, color complementing your glowing skin so well, from what he could tell you had a gorgeous figure that out sold any model.

And seeing you hand in hand withwhether or not you were the mother, triggered something inside him. One could literally see the wonder and admiration in his big eyes. Apologize to him, please. With your hands on his shoulders, you spin the boy back around to face the winged man in front of you. The look of fascination on his face was replaced with embarrassment, his chubby little cheeks flushed pink as he now struggled with eye contact.

Keigo could easily tell that the boy was sincere, minus the grammatical issues of his statement. He watched the way the boy — Ira, was his name — looked up at you like you were the most amazing thing in the world, he watched your lips as you spoke and the sweet smile you gave Kumi after a thank you. But Keigo already knows how nervous this exchange has got you. He can smell the sweet pheromones of sweat and maybe….

He can hear your breathing pick up and his eyes catch every jitter of your hands. Pretty moms tumblr due to the reaction out of people after you answer them. The conversation always goes the same way:. Keigo chokes on his spit. His cocky demeanor completely obliterated. He runs his hand through his messy hair. Then he begins to panic because what if you notice how his feathers have folded a shade darker, what if you see the way his face is red pretty moms tumblr and the pupils of his eyes have turned to slits, what if you see the embarrassing and perverted hard on in his cargos all in a span of a few seconds all thanks to those three words.

His bird instincts were already threatening to overpower his human ones thanks to the time of year being only a few months away from his mating season, but this just tipped the balance ever so slightly to where his restraint is slipping out of his grasp. You were the mother of that. It was the fact that some lucky fucking bastard had the honor of breeding you and pumping you full of their cum until you were pregnant with their.

It felt like someone sucked all the air out of his lungs. You could have kids… and he wanted them to be his. You wanted to crawl into a hole and die.

Pretty moms tumblr

And by god was he fucking attractive. A light stubble over his sharp chin and jawline, the corners of his lips tilted into a knee-buckling smirk, his golden eyes pretty moms tumblr lidded seductively involuntarily, thick wavy blonde hair pushed back out of his chiseled face with only a few stray strands coming to frame his cheekbones. You could melt.

Your chest was swelling in girly excitement and your whole body was fuzzy and warm with the way he looked at you. You almost forgot the awkwardness of the prior conversation. You hate to bear the awkward news once more but try and lighten it by speaking to your son with a babying voice.

Keigo ate that shit right up. You could feel the warmth he radiates as you grab your coffee and the baggie the muffin came in that sit at the edge of the counter with your left hand. His cock twitched, just because he was close enough to finally make out the freckles atop the bridge of your nose and get a good whiff of your sweet scent of clean vanilla and fresh lavender.

He was drunk. He was so tall, so big, muscles flexed under the skintight black shirt he wore.

Pretty moms tumblr

You felt small and weak next to him, he could so easily overpower you. He sets his little hand in your palm and you pull him with you and slip back between Hawks and the counter, chests almost brushing against each other. Your stomach flips. Your hand was so little in his, feminine and soft… just like you. It was a pretty look on you and he felt bad that the source of it was from anxiety and embarrassment. He was so glad you asked. Whether it was his avian instincts or pure human admiration, he wanted to know more about you.

He wanted to watch you interact with your son. Hell, he even wanted to learn more about Ira, he wanted to know his favorite cartoons and Heroes and which stuffed animal was his favorite. He felt so intrusive, but if you were letting him into at least a sliver of your life then he sure a hell was going to walk right in. You truly wanted him to. He seemed genuine, sweet, and he was handsome, anddddd maybe you needed someone to keep an eye on Ira while you took a few calls.

So, Hawks — Keigo — slipped into the seat across from you, his wings hanging up and over the back of the seat and the tips grazing against the floor. Ira, very excited that this bird man was staying, skipped over to climb up his own seat, his little hands grabbing at the cushion and tabletop. His little legs are swinging back and forth as he nods then reaches out with grabby hands for the muffin.

He loves the way your pretty eyes light up and your voice ups a pitch when you talk with him, even if your words seemed a little harsh for talking with a toddler. Then, Ira looking back at you and watching everything you do with pretty moms tumblr much love. He knows that look all too well.

Then, before even taking a nibble of it, the boy is trying to stuff the whole thing into his mouth, taking advantage of the brief moment you turned away to pull out your laptop. Crumbs are falling down his shirt and onto the table. Keigo picks it up, snatching it away from him and holding it out of his reach. You try not to laugh, brushing off your hands then placing them over your eyes out of humiliation.

And then you watch Keigo. Carefully, he pulls apart the treat with pretty moms tumblr fingers. Keigo takes the bite sized piece he broke off and sets it in the center of his hand. You want him in a way a single mother should not want a guy she just met. Ira claps his hand to his mouth to get the piece in it, swallows, then holds out his hand again. Your eyes flit over the protruding veins and gentle curves of the muscles, the flexing of the tendons in his hands, the scars that litter his forearms and biceps from years of Hero work.

It was so bad and felt so wrong the way your ovaries literally screamed for him.

Pretty moms tumblr

It was so fucking embarassing. You watched him outstretch his wings for Ira during the first call you took. Watching your sons face light up and giggles spill from his mouth as Keigo plucked his own feathers off his wings and used whatever power they had to play and tease with Ira. They completely engulf his little head but the smile on his face from ear to ear is all worth it.

Just thinking about it makes your palms sweat. Then, after the third and final call, Ira is tugging on your sweater with urgency as Keigo sits across from you, hiding the grin on his face. You can see the little wheels in his head turning as he opens his mouth to speak.

What sounds like a bunch of gibberish to Keigo comes out of the pretty moms tumblr mouth as he continues to tug on the hem of your sweater. You were nodding with the boy as if you understood every sound he made while he was rocking back and forth on his feet. Then, as if you were talking about him, your eyes shifted between the boy and Keigo himself. He could do that… yeah he could definitely do that. If anything, Keigo really wanted to. Two, we gotta go home and get you lunch before we head back out.

He wanted to scoop you up and take you home with him, he almost needed it. But you could, and you wanted to, for many different reasons. It is his job to help people right? It was a mutualistic, symbiotic relationship even if it was built off of tiny lies. He told you about his upbringing and how he was given private hero schooling as a kid, he explained the immense amount of pressure that had put on him.

Pretty moms tumblr

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