Phantom penis

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I get phantom limb syndrome, but I'm having trouble wrapping my head around phantom penis. In the former, the limb used to exist, and the brain had a feedback loop going for a long time before it got cut off. But with a phantom penis, the organ never existed. So how does the brain create the sensation of one? Is it actual phantom sensations of a penis, or more like knowledge of one existing? Like actually feeling your hand resting on your leg or that sense that tells you where your body parts are at any given moment. I can't give any personal description of the experience, but phantom sensation of a part that never existed is possible.

Some congenital amputees experience phantom pain which is similar but distinct from phantom limb. The general theory about phantom sensation is that every body part has nerves that plug into a specific spot in the brain. When the part is gone, the cells in that spot on the brain may still spontaneously activate producing the feeling of sensation in that body part. Even if the body part never existed, there is a spot in the brain that is responsible for producing the sensation. This wiring is phantom penis innate which explains the experiences of congenital amputees and, I suppose, phantom penis in trans men.

That makes sense. If the brain developed male, and has receptors for a penis that never became, I can see how they may activate and create the sensation of a penis being there. Basically, pre-testosterone and even pre-transition I was completely cut off phantom penis the set up down there, even though I But then I discovered I could get off from a clothed handjob on a packer When people would try to get me off pre-T I would basically laugh at them.

Especially cis dudes, cause they'd sometimes take it as a weird 'challenge', and just, no. The phantom penis thing actually went a far way convincing me that I should give transitioning a shot. I wanted a more grounded relationship with my sexuality. How phantom penis you describe phantom penis? Posted by who needs forks when you have chopsticks? Can you describe how you feel a phantom penis, if you do? Sort by: best. Thank you. Continue this thread. More posts from the ftm community. Support-based discussion place focused on trans men, trans-masc individuals, and other people ased female at birth who are trans.

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Phantom penis

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Phantom Penis: Extrapolating Neuroscience and Employing Imagination for Trans Male Sexual Embodiment