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Password reset. Check your in a few minutes That does not exist. The address specified is not registered with this. Delivery to this address has failed. Changer about 6 years ago. Blaster said: Hey the game is amazing and fun. Thank you for making it. I plan on making a few games myself. Any pointers? I found a glitch. Not game breaking though. Cradily about 6 years ago. LillyTank about 6 years ago. If it's not too rude to ask this, would anyone mind spoiling the end of this game for me? I just don't think I can finish it, anymore but I'm still kind of interested. Hey all!

I'm going to work on another game after Overwhored. It isn't far enough along for its own thread yet, but I want to link you all to a post on my Patreon that goes into it in detail and shows a bunch of picture previews. Love this game and I'm happy to here your working on another hypno game soon. Hope it does well. Will you be releasing it for free eventually like you did with this one?

Also I've played through all of version 8 I think but my saves no longer work on version 1. If anyone has any saves that work overwhored guide version 1. I just don't want to grind all the way through it again if I don't have to. I just really want to see the end of the game instead of going though what I've already played.

PrincessLucina about 6 years ago. Played through the game, thought I'd give my take on it. The overwhored guide wasn't too bad. It seemed sorta patchy, but, it held together and seemed decent if not predictable. Nothing Memorable, but, it could've been alot worse. The characters were nice, both in and out of 'slave' mindsets. I liked them, they seemed like real people.

Level de is nice. Some parts of the game are way too long, others too short, but, the game does look nice, so, it's tolerable. CONS: Enemy balance is horrid. Most Enemies have too much HP compared to how little damage they put out. Battles take forever to get overwhored guide, healing usually isn't an issue though. Towards the End Game, Rubati is Level 40 and everyone else is around level Not sure if that's intentional For her to be over-leveled or not, but, it's irritating.

Towards the end of the game, there's nowhere to get good healing stuff! Enemies don't even drop decent items. Grinding is bad, even for grinding. Grinding is an even more mundane task. Seriously, either lower the prices of stuff, or have enemies drop more gold and exp. Shops are really expensive, especially in the late game. Since grinding is such a chore even for grinding it gets infuriating.

Gear does NOT level properly. The gear needs to level WITH the enemies and make sense for the upcoming dungeon. It's there to help, not feel like a chore to acquire as it's 'Standard RPG Fare' to have gear upgrades. Characters need better balance. Audr and Ilmatar quite literally feel useless in my party. I mean, isn't he supposed to be super-powerful?!

Why does he do horrid damage? He feels more like he's just a meatbag who can raise other people's stats. Which is fine for a fighter, but, it's not good for him in particular. The game is full of bugs and glitchable areas. Seriously, you should pay more attention to your tilesets and how they're managed. Lastly, the Difficulty curve is absurd. Keep it consistent. The beginning should be easy as pie, and then have it grow, not spike up and down. RedCollarBlackCollar about 6 years ago.

I wanna try this game out, but it's not opening up for me. Does it not work on mac? Overwhored guide I need a specific program for it? Harsh, Lucina, but I don't mind honesty. That said you were definitely underleveled at overwhored guide end. If you're properly leveled and using abilities right it only takes about two turns to go through normal enemies. The end dungeon being the exception, of course.

I based the enemy difficulty off of fan feedback. Your criticisms are valid however; what makes a game good for one person can be quite different for someone else. Thanks for your time, and thanks for playing the game! EDIT: Oh, and the artists working on the project didn't work for free, although it is a free game. I paid them out of my own pocket for a lot of the development process; fan donations covered the bulk of it. PrincessLucina said: 1.

How was I supposed to level properly? Grinding took way too long Even for grinding and I fought most enemies I came across. I'm a bit confused. This just confuses me. My criticisms are valid, overwhored guide That's just confusing. Regardless, sure. The game was decent at times, infuriating overwhored guide others. Got it. I'm seeing all the money you're raising on Patreon and I'm looking forward to whatever game you could be making next. I expect high things with how much money you've pulled in so far.

Other than the last dungeon you can just burst max damage in a lot of areas since sleeping is easy. You don't have to hold back. You should have probably been in the 30's. I hope it turns out well. I apologize if this is a dumb question, but this is the first RPG i've ever played, and I'm having trouble getting past Branda.

There's always a point in the battle where she just deals several high damage blows and everyone gets knocked out, is there a way to deal with that? Thanks for your help. Incubus about 6 years ago. Imasuky about 6 years ago. Heard of this a while back but lost track, found here and started playing.

I have to I am in love with this game. The story is so much fun, I love the idea of the heroines each representing a Virtue. And the sex scenes are all top notch. Assume the bat was supposed to show up, couldn't get it to. Approach the pit and a ladder will appear. She's down there. Tr4pD00r about 4 years ago. Alright, so I finally had the time to upgrade from v 0. Quick question about something near the very end: spoiler Joy mentions something about an orgy at the end of her sex scene.

Is there any in-game art or scene depicting this or is just implied? I looked around the obvious places where they could be but didn't end up finding anything. I did find the post-game easter egg by going back to the tower of heaven, though so by this point I'm thinking it might just be saved for Overwhored II? Tr4pD00r said: Alright, so I finally had the time to upgrade from v 0. Imasuky about 4 years ago. No, an orgy scene just wasn't in the budget.

Overwhored guide

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