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Hrmm o. Is it possible for this to be downloaded onto a kindle fire HD? I broke my laptop a while back and have yet to replace it so my kindle is all I have. You should be able to download it no problem, but it seems that to play flash files like MVOL you may have to use a third-party version of flash player. I downloaded the game, but is there a way to import my save file from e so I can play it locally instead of always having to use the website? Alright, I took a look! It seems that e actually calls their folder "static1. But once you have a file in the right spot, you don't need to open it with flash-- just open the game from anywhere on your computer with your files placed in localwithnet, and you should be able to continue where you left off.

Hope that helps! Aye I found that, copied my files to alot of places that make sense with a help of a friend, now it lo fine when I drag the flash file onto a browser to open it, it lo my saves perfectly. Sadly it won't load them if I open the game on flash itself, which is a shame since it runs better with it. Hmm, I took a quick look around for more info, and I can't actually find anything solid about flash files getting cleared automatically.

There are cleaner utilities out there that might sweep it up, and it seems like that might be the main threat. So maybe it's less "after one month they'll disappear" and more "you may do something after a while that erases them without your noticing" xP So it can be a good idea to back them up just for safety's sake, but proooobably not actually necessary. Aye, it wouldn't work before, but I adjusted some files and where they're placed and now it lo fine and my Lith is happy, the major issue I found with the browser version is the text going all weird and filling the whole space of thewhich doesn't happen on the standalone flash player, it wasn't there on earlier versions too :o.

Apparently that's a big thing everyone is seeing, yeah x3 It wasn't a problem for me a week ago, but now it is! Check my latest blog post for more info. I've put up a left-aligned version to fix the issue for now.

Hey, Lithier I absolutely love your work on this game and how it was made, but, I'm wondering when talking about Lith's past, Will you ever able to help him be proud of himself and not just say he's better off being a nobody? Instead of your character just standing there silently, a way to make him feel better or reassure him instead of just leaving it off sad?

I was always clicking on 'his feelings' and then clicked 'snuggle' then 'sleep'. I cant solve my Art Gallery I think I am stuck Also I saw lith in the outfit with a staff Regarding the Penis Gnolls! You just made this a worthwhile read. Thanks for that.

I tried downloading the game but it won't open because it is a. SWF file. Know any way to fix that? I've gotten this question a lot, so I've added it to the FAQ, second my very own lith guide from the bottom! Do you think it would be possible for you, in a later version of the game, to allow both the player and Lith to be females? I'm playing v. I picked myself as a female and Lith as a female, but apparently at least one of us needs to have a penis. I was just hoping you could also add the ability for both the player and Lith to be girls.

Please open source the game so someone who knows how to program perhaps like myself can make the game portable and compatible with everything. The Play Now tab usually links you straight to the e copy in the Mirror link, actually. Doesn't work at all I used flash player, swf player, GOM player and so on but it's just a black or blue screen. Even downloaded the android version but doesn't work.

A Few dots appear and then it stops working. Do you have plans Now that Adobe has no only quit supporting but also actively blocked Flash going forward. Sampled here is but a small fraction of the questions I tend to get on this project. I'll probably be adding more as they come up, but for now, hopefully you'll find something to satisfy your curiosity! Q:How can I contact you? Q: Where can I get more from Lithier?

Q: Where can I get more games like this? Q: I love this game! How can I help with the project? Q: What's the difference between Lith and Lithier? Q: Where can I access my save files? Q: I downloaded the game, but I can't seem to open it.

How do I run it now? Isn't there more? Q: How can I contact you? A: The most direct and immediate way to get in touch with me is by : lithiers-at-gmail. Any concerns, questions, suggestions, offers, etc. Other options for discussing things with me include the Chatango window in the sidebar of this blog, just to the right here. I have it open pretty much all the time, and if I remember to turn on the sound notification, you can usually talk with me pretty much instantaneously, assuming I'm not busy with something. There's also the MVOL Forum linked above, where you can talk both with me and with my very own lith guide other folks interested in the game.

I subscribe to the belief that the internet was a better place when people were anonymous, and could build their identities from scratch with nothing more than a handle. Thank you for understanding. A: Besides deing this game, I'm also an erotic writer, and I have a fairly sizable portfolio of stories on SoFurry and FurAffinityincluding three series of stories featuring Lith. I also have a personal blog which updates more regularly than this one, and I have a collection of more polished stories available for Kindle on Amazon!

And lastly, if you'd like to know the minutiae of what I've got going on, check out my Twitter! A: If you'd like to play other text-based erotic games, several are available! It's highly unlikely you haven't heard of it, but Corruption of Champions is an outstanding game and a direct inspiration for the creation of MVOL.

Nimin is similar, but perhaps even more fetish-oriented if that's possible, and Flexible Survival offers another spin on the idea of adventuring in a hyper-sexualized and fetishistic world. I don't know of any my very own lith guide more closely related to the themes offered in MVOL in development right now, but I'll be keeping my eyes open!

My Very Own Lith is a very personal project for me, because Lith is a character I've worked with and developed for a long time. This game is my chance to essentially create a definitive portrayal of who and what Lith is as a person, as a soul, and as a sexual entity.

I've put myself under a lot of pressure getting some aspects just right, and I know that a lot of this game simply couldn't be written by anyone else. So I can't really accept anyone's help with writing the game. If you're an artist, I'd love to see an example of your work, but I'm getting more and more picky about what I actually use in the game itself. Right now, I'm mainly looking for help with the project in three : Supporters MVOL is a free game, but some of my most passionate fans are helping me make a small living off of it.

You can check out my Patreon to see how you can support me and get a bunch of exclusive rewards! Art Hunters Getting top-tier art is hard! It requires a lot of research and watching the great artists like a hawk, and I don't have time to stalk them all. If you have the spare time to do a little homework, you can help get great art into MVOL!

Check out my brief on being an Art Hunter! Playtesters There will always, always be more typos in this game than I can ever find, and probably weird little bugs besides. If you like to do a lot of reading and go over things with a meticulous eye, check out the details on becoming a "proofer! The short answer is that Lith is an imaginary anthropomorphic cat, and Lithier is a guy that writes and codes stuff, often involving said imaginary cat. Lith is not my fursona, he does not directly reflect me, he is just my flagship character as a writer.

When you're talking to me, please understand that I am not a slutty cat, and I do not want to be petted, snuggled, or otherwise "touched" out of the blue :p The long answer: I'd like to clarify for my readers and players that I am a person that prefers to go by the handle of Lithier. I write, I code, I draw poorly, I answer questions at great length, and I make funny faces. I am a complex and not entirely agreeable person. I do not have a fursona. In great contrast to this person is Lith, an imaginary, anthropomorphic cat.

My very own lith guide blushes, and smiles, and does a great deal of things involving penises. He is a moderately complex but overall cute and cuddly cat thing. It is true that I fill out his personality and interests largely with a subset of my own, mixed with imagined things I am somewhat familiar with. In that sense, he is a part of me, and I express myself through him. But he is not me, and he does not represent all of me. I have been addressed as Lith, and people have talked to me about the game while saying things along the lines of "I was cuddling with you and Lith is a persona I originally developed for entering chat rooms a long time ago, and you may guess easily at how I came up with his name at the time, but Lith and Lithier are still very different people.

I'm sorry my very own lith guide this has been a point of confusion for some of you, and I can certainly see how easy it would be to misunderstand my intentions here-- I often bring some very Lith-like aspects of my personality to the fore in talking with those who comment on my work, to be as polite and agreeable as I can regardless of what grisly personal habits I may have.

It is my hope that this entry may clarify the issue to everyone's satisfaction. If not, you're welcome to shoot me a message or discuss it in the chat window to the right :3 Thanks for taking the time to humor my pontification! I'm some guy with a keyboard. In Windows, you should be able to access the files in your personal user folder, in a hidden folder called Appdata.

Open that and you may see about a bajillion folders. If you've played the game recently, you should find the files in the localWithNet folder. If you can't find the files anywhere and it's been a long time since you played, it's possible Flash automatically removed them, as it does with older files regularly. Using these folders, you can back up your files in case you aren't going to be playing a while, intend to switch to another computer, or just need more than six slots for everything you're trying to do.

And please, don't abuse the files. I can't do anything to stop you, but this game is the product of hundreds of hours of effort, and I de it to play a certain way. If you aren't using Windows, I'm afraid I don't know the specifics, but you may be able to get the idea if you google your operating system and "flash shared objects" or something to that effect.

Good luck! A: It used to be that Flash was super compatible with just about everything, but it's been falling out of favor lately. Most browsers won't open it directly from your computer anymore. If you run into this problem, you can download a standalone flash player online to run it instead.

You can search google for one you'd prefer, but I grab the "developer projector" directly from Adobe for this purpose. You can get that by going here and scrolling down to your operating system, then looking for the "Download the Flash Player projector" link.

My very own lith guide

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