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A time has come to look at a familiar story from a new angle! You are Marcus Redblack, son of Tom Riddle. But, more than your name, what you have done has made the entire wizarding world shudder. You have forever upended and perverted the very concept of magic, and it all began when you were given a chance to take the position of Headmaster of Hogwarts.

The question is, just what could have happened that led to such consequences in a school that has existed for centuries? It's time to learn how it all began. Tread the path from an unknown physician to Dark Lord and see for yourself how innocent those witches are and what secrets their skirts hold.

Innocent witches is a free, humorous rendition of the story of the boy who lived. A bit brighter, more lustrous, and a whole lot more lustful. Immerse yourself in a fascinating magical world full of mystery, betrayal and temptation. Not a minute of boredom possible. Visit places you know well from movies and books. Meet familiar characters and find out what you never knew about them before. Get to know your students and choose your favourite. Special sensations that you could not never dream of are guaranteed.

You can download additional files saves, memories, animations, etc and mirror download links of the game here! Come here and share this booty with us! View all posts. Log in with itch. Doesn't work on android. Android 10 Huawei p30 lite version 0. Game is good but its way too complicated, even the walkthrough is a little challenging to understand and execute. Not for me, I like more simplicity. Thank you for support! We currently working with new plot, it will be better then old and smooth. Stay tuned. So I pick hermoine as my waifu and I don't know how to solve her problem please give hints I have been stuck for over 2 hours.

I have downloaded the game, but I experienced several repeating crashes so far, which shuts the game off. It happens in the prologue when Innocent witches adult game try to bypass Hagrid, always at the same time, when i tried to start at Act I it crashes at the beginning when talking in the class It doesnt seem to be problem with my phone and I cant figure what the problem is. So i Just did the sandbox susans lesson scene with the extra animation download, Is this the only scene with it or is my game just acting up? Thank you for support. In newest innocent witches adult game 4 girls in shower and Susan scene are animated.

More animations soon! Why, when I go to all the rules, choose the language, everything turns black and I am thrown out of the game. How to fix it? Just wanted to say this game is incredible! Definitely the best novel I've played and I'm super excited to see what's next. And your artist definitely needs a raise cause WOW! Just a few things, I much prefer the old story instead of the new story.

It feels very unnatural. Secondly when we have the flash forward and we have another scene with Minerva, It's the exact same scene as the first one with Minerva so maybe you'd want to look into that and maybe change a little bit. Thirdly, I feel that the content for Hermoine and Luna is lacking a bit, so I'd love to see some more scenes for them in the future. But this game is amazing and I'm so invested to see what you guys do with it next! We currently working with new plot, it will be better then old. The stress bar went to green, thought i needed to talk, so I clicked the talk option.

This was the Minerva scene, and I'm not sure if it's a glitch or not. Why it keep stopped my Connection was good the Download always stop MB why it happen? Currently I am playing with Luna was my waifu and I'm on the light path, Innocent witches adult game can't seem to complete the "solve prefect meeting problem". I followed a walkthrough and I got the dialogue with Minerva about accompanying Sally to the dorms and the next step written there is to getting a dialogue with Sally but I don't get any.

Hey, I just got the 0. The version 0. Hello everyone, I am plan to make innocent witches adult game walkthrough of every Act, chapter and side quest of this game. Today I ed my first video of the game in which I play the Prologue. I will only cover the new story of the game, so this means that there are going to be large time gaps between each of my videos of this game. I do not speak in my videos because my English is very mediocre and many of you may find my voice distracting.

I had already played the prologue on my channel in which had over 3k Subs and the video had a few thousand views, but this channel was banned, so I over started again. The next video of this game will be of Act 1 Chapter 1, which I will when its story is fully adapted to the new plot.

According to Sad Crab's patreonthis will be in the fall of this year. But until then I will play other games, most of them visual novels like this, but also SFW games and other indie games, so you won't get bored. This game has tons of creepy ass flirting, lots of inner monologue, and slowly stripping characters, but with no meaningful payoff after over ten hours in.

Not a game to get your rocks off to, and the main character is too much of a creepy, perverted-in-the-worst-sense-of-the-word, pain in the ass to enjoy watching on his own. I guess if you get off to bottling up your feelings and SLOWLY stripping girls over the course of weeks of in game time, this thing is a blast.

But don't expect sex with any of your favorite characters, nor anything approximating it anytime soon. The game has sex scenes namely, scenes of coition with two characters Minerva and Daphneas well as sex scenes not related to coition with other characters.

Both full-fledged scenes and mini-scenes on locations. Our game has never tried to be a porn game for fast masturbation, it is a point and click adventure game with elements of sex and eroticism. If you don't like reading and immersing yourself in the plot, you won't like our game. We strive to make the corruption of the characters more smooth and gradual. Well, the main character in the old chapters does not have a clear position and motivation as well as the old plot at the moment We are working on this problem and will try to update the chapters as soon as possible, with the addition of erotica, side quests and the main story.

I play this game not for sex scenes as mushI play it for the story graphics. I you are looking for sex, I would recommend videos. Hello, Great game but I just wanted to let you know that it tells me that there is an update even though I'm playing on 6.

Hey, I've a problem. It's that whenever I start the game it kinda goes black after min of playing. So I'm not able to go ahead the headmaster office scene. Plzzzzz help me. I'm stuck at confront minerva visit any dorms shower. And i have 2 wands the broken one and fixed wand. Thankyou SC dev, gaming from indonesia. Playing on android and I can't enter the password to ginny's diary. I can write it but nothing happens. Hello, is there a way to speed up some achievements, like chance game or bake cake, or it's gonna take entire life? And its possible go to the very desirable end of all 4 girls, if you choose one, or you need to restart from save to get a chance on some close love, for each one of them?

Many words, no clear answers. But anyway, if its not a bot - thanx for reply. But i think if you want to really enjoy the game you kinda have to do everithing thats how i did it anyway. It shows for me that it failed to download. When will there be a new story update, I have finished the game a while ago and I was wondering when it will update. If you are still wondering wich i dont think you are you need to grab the swimsuit at a precise day you probably go the right swimsuit for the other girl at the right day so just look into the notes and grab it the right day :.

Hello Sad Crab I'm just curious as I'm currently working on a side project and looking for artists and first let me clarify I just need some character des and I really love your style and was wondering if you could help me out p. I'm giving the swimsuits to the girls, but Luna and Susan won't appear.

And I'm failing to manage how to see every girl in every swimsuit, something there is buggy.

Innocent witches adult game

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