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Recognizing that for many people sexual orientation is complex and difficult to plot on a single dimension, we have over time provided additional options i. In a recent study, we moved from a traditional 7-point Kinsey scale to a simple, categorical approach, giving participants several options to choose from.

In prior studies, heterosexuality, while never a majority, was always the most commonly chosen option. It is also worth noting that other orientations, such as asexuality, emerged as fairly prominent in the fandom, with about 1 in 11 furries identifying as such. It should be noted that many of the following analyses using two or more variables, the analyses often require continuous variables and, in such gay firry, only the data from the scale is used.

Gay firry is not a statement about alternative sexual orientations, but rather, is a byproduct of the type of analysis used and, wherever possible, we present data on other sexual orientations. In an international online survey 4 participants identified more often as lesbian, gay, and homosexual Further research may show if this result in part reflects data collected from an exclusively online participant group.

Summer Survey Responses Lesbian, gay, homosexual: In the fantasy sport group and both anime fan groups, females were more likely than males to self-identify as homosexual as indicated by higher s on the sexual orientation scale. In contrast, in gay firry furry fandom, males—not females—were more likely to self-identify as non-heterosexual.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that some heterosexual furries may feel stigmatized or ostracized within the furry fandom as a result of this minority status. Alternatively, it may also be the gay firry that members of other traditionally minority sexual orientations e.

To test both of these possibilities, we asked furries whether they believed that straight and LGBQ people were accepted within the furry fandom as separate questions. Analyses revealed that the two groups did not differ with regard gay firry either question: both groups strongly agreed that both straight and LGBQ persons were accepted within the furry fandom, although both groups did more strongly agree with this notion with regard to LGBQ people 6. In a later study 10 participants were given a series of questions about acceptance of various sexual orientations within the fandom, and asked to both guess the extent to which the average furry was accepting of each sexual orientation within the fandom, and then to provide their own rated acceptance of each orientation.

The data reveal two interesting trends. Put another way, furries expect the average furry to be less tolerant of other sexual orientations than they, themselves, are — furries underestimate the tolerance of other furries. Second, and perhaps even more interesting, this effect seems to be largest with respect to asexuality and heterosexuality: Furries believe that other furries are somewhat less tolerant of asexual and heterosexual people in the fandom, despite furries being virtually gay firry in their actual acceptance of all sexual orientations in the fandom.

These data go against the often-held belief among some in the fandom that straight furries are not accepted or are unwelcome in the furry fandom. Additionally, we conducted a series of analyses aimed at gay firry whether there were measurable differences between straight furries and non-straight e. While there is sometimes the perception that members of the LGBTQ community are the most strongly accepted members of the fandom, evidence suggests that, while there are indeed ificant differences between the straight and non-straight members of the fandom, furries are generally accepted and welcomed within the community regardless of orientation.

It may also be the case that the openness and acceptance of the furry fandom may allow people who consider themselves to be exclusively heterosexual to explore aspects of their sexuality they may otherwise not consider in other contexts. Ultimately, future research is needed to explore the nature of these interesting gender and fandom differences in sexual orientation. Thanks for catching the typo! Thanks, again! I think that if I am heterosexual I cannot be a furry. You are saying that I can be a furry even if I am straight? Thank you. Please take that last comment with a grain of salt. I mean in no way to offend the furry community as a whole.

On the other hand, I do enjoy the artwork and the sfw portion of the community. Thanks for your question swhich appears to be commenting on three different aspects of the fandom: sexual orientation, pornography, and deviancy. First, we absolutely are engaged in on-going data collection about furry matters, including sexual orientation and gender identification.

These include documenting and understanding the complex and variable experiences of the fandom, which are certainly affected by structural, demographic characteristics. Our research shows that furries who are also members of these marginalized communities typically find the fandom a safe place where they can live as their authentic selves regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Regarding the pornography, the vast majority of furries look at furry-themed pornography e. This is not unusual for fandoms; across fandoms ranging from Star Trek to My Little Pony to video games — people frequently inject sexuality into their hobby e.

Our research also shows that people can avoid the adult elements of the fandom if they choose publication currently under review. Furries are going to be considered deviants regardless of how squeaky-clean the fandom was. Even if there were only a handful of porn artists in the fandom, the average person would STILL ascribe deviancy to the fandom because furries have an unusual interest and, in general, when the average person sees someone with an unusual interest, they attribute it to some kind of mental illness or some kind of sexual deviancy.

These stereotypes defined as a statement of fact that is exaggerated and applied unfairly to the whole group have been perpetrated in the media, but we are, indeed, seeing a turn in that representation. My name is A. Bayu Satrio. I am a final semester college student, currently working on a thesis on the furry fandom in general.

Regarding this issue, I found quite a difficulty in calculating or explaining that percentage while reading the data given in the orientation section of the AnthroCon report. This is because when i add the s up, they did not match. Since I fear there might be miscalculations on my part, I might require a somewhat detailed s and explanation on this part. Before I end this question, I personally would like to express my gratitude on how helpful the works made by the furscience team as the basis for my thesis.

That is gay firry, I expect a quick response from the team, and many thanks for the help. Thanks for the compliment! Thanks for the timestamp. Can you send the link to the actual doc in question to admin furscience. Dr Roberts is under the impression that she clarified this by for you. As a matter of fact, I did sent an regarding this data on sexual preference among furries or AC attendees. Roberts is enough to clarify the percentage and the answer. I have a question about the LGBT representation.

Where and how did the team got this ? I tried calculating it but could not get the exact figure and bit confused. from Anthrocon! We'll be back inand hopefully in the magnificent city of Pittsburgh! We hope you're as excited as we are for the second day of Anthrocon Online! Facebook Twitter RSS. In another study, we assessed whether there were gender differences in sexual orientation. Furries identifying as female were ificantly more likely to be heterosexual than furries identifying as male. Other studies have compared the sexual orientation of furries to members of other fan groups. Furries, by comparison, were the only group where less than half of the group and, in fact, less than a quarter of the group identified as heterosexual.

In addition, furries were times more likely to self-identify as bisexual and times more likely to self-identify as exclusively homosexual than members of the other fandoms. While furries were more likely to self-identify as asexual than convention-going anime fans and sport fans, they did not ificantly differ from online anime fans in this regard.

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