Fire red hm slave

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You can even get a few cool things by doing so. Forgot password? Name. Password Forgot password? Keep me ed in. Community members will not see the footer advertisement. Interested in ing the giveaway? ! Age I'm trying to find a good HM slave for my team as i don't wanna fill up my main fighters moves with HM's can anyone recommend any?

Gyrados with surf, strength, dive, rock smash and waterfall. Terriermon and Lopmon. White: X: Originally Posted by Bear [ Original Post ]. Seen May 31st, Krabby does wonders, so does Gyarados but why would you wanna waste him right? I used Meowth for Flash and Cut, he can probably learn others, I also used him for sacrificial purposes. Pokemon Crimson Shine Progress: Conceptual development stage.

Sneasel is an okay pokemon to learn diff. Snorlax is also a good one. Dark Trainer. MEW can learn all!

Fire red hm slave

If You wanna a poke just to fill with HMs, it's him. But if you haven't yet finished the game before, and don't have this poke, try first a non-bird pokemon, than try to find a Dratini at Safari and evolve him with rare candy.

Fire red hm slave

Psyduck can learn good ones, only Cut and Fly not, but he's easy to catch and don't need to evolve. Krabby is a good one too, as people said. Gyarados don't have Cut or Fly. Originally Posted by Nexias [ Original Post ].

Fire red hm slave Fire red hm slave

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