Female inquisitor dragon age

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I've already romanced Dorian and Iron Bull with my male inquisitors but now I'm playing a fem inquisitor for the first time and there are so many romance options for females to choose from. This thread has been marked as [No Spoilers]. Thank you! I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. If you want to have fun, Sera. If you want smooches and warmth, Cullen. If want to contemplate suicide after your playthrough, Solas. Oh god the Solas comment is truth. I had a rough go in Inquisition.

It's not a popular stance around here, but: I couldn't stand romancing Solas. I tried it, since so many people say it's so rewarding, but I found him so off-putting and patronizing. My two cents, anyway. I enjoyed romancing Cullen for the humor of it, and the whole vibe of mutual support in that relationship. I thought Josephine was a lot of fun too, though with both of them I missed being able to take along your LI on missions. In terms of straight-up heh fun, I'd say Sera was my favorite femquisitor romance.

I never liked romancing Solas either, it feels like you're pushing yourself on him. Female inquisitor dragon age feels strange all around. Solas - Really old, fermented dessert from some country you haven't visited. Cullen is hands down best romance in the game for me. Cullen's romance is my absolute favorite in the series. It feels emotionally realistic. Cullen is so awkward and sexy and he's just a great character. Iron Bull's has some hilarious moments and is generally alright, but doesn't hold the emotional weight for me that Cullen's does.

I don't like Blackwall's character in general, he bores me. Female inquisitor dragon age past is too sketchy for me. So his romance for me feels like a waste of time because I don't like him. Sera is funny and I like her, but she's so juvenile that it feels weird to romance her. It's like romancing a. Josephine's romance is just alright. I've heard it described as Disney like, never got to loving Josephine like I love Cullen. Solas's romance is so emotionally charged and so well written, but it just hurts so bad. If you like angst then you can romance Blackwall, then break it off at the pivotal moment and romance Cullen afterwards for the fairytale ending.

That's also a good way to play in my opinion. Cullen is my fav, hands down. He's really sweet and dorky but far more mature than Alistair. If you want sweet, go for Cullen. He's essentially a puppy in human form. Plus you can make half of Orlais jealous. If elf, I really enjoyed the Solas romance.

Also fits in plot wise. Sera is also really great. Going into it, I didn't think I would like her very much, but she ended up being my second favorite romance. I am human so Solas isn't an option. I actually didn't know that you can't romance Solas as a human when I created my inquisitor. There's Solas for Elfquisutors. Very interesting about Fade and has a unique opinion about Spirit's and demons. There's Sera, the lovable goofball that likes to joke around and have fun.

For any Fem! Stands in the middle ground for Mages and Templars. Likes the little people. There's Blackwall. Very strong opinion about Grey Wardens and the right to be Free. There's Cullen, a troubled Former Templar who now works as the military commander for the Inquisition. Now cares almost equally for both mages and Templars, but is still haunted by the lyrium addiction he once had. There's Female inquisitor dragon age. The Inquisition's Antivan diplomat.

Raised in the life of being wealthy, she will do anything she can to protect her family from being poor. Personally, I think the female options are better than Male options. I never really though Cass to be a fun romance option. I really liked Dorian though and is my canon romance. Doesn't she flat out refuse to continue the romance if you don't renounce your Dalish roots? My playthrough I romanced Cassandra so I don't know first-hand, but I've definitely heard people call out the sera romance for that. Sort by: best.

Spirit Healer DA2. If you want to contemplate suicide after your playthrough, Solas XD the situation for that romance is perfect. Double Swiss. Looks like the Duke I'll use a analogy to sweets for this. Loghain for love in all the wrong places. Plain Vanilla Ice Cream Freshly churned vanilla ice cream with real vanilla bean.

Continue this thread. You are required to do nothing, least of all believe. Banal las ma rahn, banal en ma din. Now my heart hurts AND I'm hungry. Spot on. Smell the oppression, everyone! I second this! Dirthara Ma. What race are you? I found Cullen to be sort of bland- but to each their own. Let's see Now cares almost equally for both mages and Templars, but is still haunted by the lyrium addiction he once had There's Josephine.

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Female inquisitor dragon age

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