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Is this some bestiality site, or what? I mean, that would be the easy thing to do, right? A hell of a lot easier than going out and trying to actually bang a chick. That takes time, probably money to buy her drinks, etc. Well, lucky for you, we live in the information age. Not that most guys use the internet erotic monjey whole lot for learning. If you have a little bit of money to spare, that is. You might be thinking that ordering an escort is below you. You know, paying for sex gets a bad rep and all, but have you ever stopped to consider why, or whether or not that rep is warranted?

What is so shameful about it paying for sex? Quit being such a pussy and just get over the fucking stigma already. As you probably could imagine, there are a fuck ton of escort ad and escort review sites out there to choose from. And, just like with any website, not all of them are created equal. Others will be lacking in one or more of those features, and some are just straight-up shit and should be avoided like herpes.

An unusual name, for sure, probably derived from the fact that guys like us are mostly just horny baboons — hairy, constantly clutching our bananas, and always looking for a quick fuck. Either way, Erotic Monkey is one of the leading escort review sites on the internet. Erotic Monkey automatically detects your location and immediately provides you with beautiful pieces of ass within 50 miles or so of you, making your life a hell of a lot easier.

Erotic Monkey gets that, and it wants to help you get straight to business — fuck all the bullshit! That is one of the ificant downsides of this site. And doing so is far from cheap. No matter how you slice it, on top of actually paying the girls that you will end up reviewing, this could quickly become a costly habit. But forget the reviews for now. That is actually how I would recommend using the site. At least at first. Once you become a little more experienced and actually have racked up some girls to review, then it may be worth considering a paid membership.

Anyways, there are many other customizable options to be taken advantage of in the advanced search engine. At the very top of the site, you will find a quick access toggle button, allowing you to switch between safe browsing and the full site. And erotic monjey the profile is missing anything, they always give some means of contacting her directly, so that she can speak to you about prices and screening if she does that … most of the good ones do, by the way.

It is generally a red flag, though, if she only has one pic. It just sucks when you order an escort who looks like Beyonce in her pictures, but then looks more like Oprah when she shows up to erotic monjey place. Not only can you find the perfect paid companion to ease your lonelier nights on Erotic Monkey, but you can also read the latest escorting news.

Some of the girls even post in the forums, explaining where they will be traveling. Plus, it can be helpful for you to brush up on your escort etiquette before you spend the night with one. Learn how not to be a piece of shit! And they have earned it. Well, aside from draining your bank along with your dick…but that comes with the territory. Open Erotic Monkey. Erotic Monkey Reviews system Plenty of info on the girls Great advanced search Great site de Safe mode Plenty of features Expensive!

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Erotic monjey

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