Erotic corruption

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It had been thousands or maybe millions of years since its imprisonment, the entity had lost track of time a long time ago. Once it had been free to spread chaos and corruption, the whole world corrupted just for Entity's amusement. Those with powers greater than its defeat and sealed him way in this place. Trapped, the Entity was alone unable to corrupt or Better late than never, right? All characters in sexual situations are over Once it had been something else. Something complicated. Needlessly so. Its mind had been shattered-pieces shiny, distracting glass.

Not now. Not since the Taste. Now it need only float and dream pretty little dreams of things that could be eaten. All characters are fictional and over Both girls were soaking wet and Cindy had lost her sandals circumnavigating the waterfall. The temple of corruption arrives in a fictional or real world to corrupt its inhabitants. Created by an all powerful god who wishes to corrupt all who enter. Already filled with corrupted followers and monsters who wish to do the same they arrive in a new world to corrupt them.

Ryan grasped hold of the desk in front of him tightly and closed his eyes and tried to even out his breathing. Something was happening, he had felt incredibly angry, he had just wanted to punch that smug look off that toad's face. He knew that Clarke was smarter than that, to hand him self-incriminating documents, something more was happening. He had felt She had finally found him, Katherine looked up at the towering building from the pavement. The ache in her muscles forgotten, the pull was the strongest in front of this building.

She looked at her watch, if she didn't get moving she would be late for the meeting. She stepped up the stairs to the large glass doors that slid open to admit her inside. As soon She was heavily disoriented, but quickly regained her bearings. She was kneeling at the center of a vast throne room and was naked. She was shivering, not from cold, but because she had spent the last three days and nights in a pitch black room hanging from the ceiling, chained.

My cause will always be Africa, erotic corruption close to my heart now, somewhere I felt like I belonged and I've always wanted to help as anyone who really knows me will tell you. However, helping Africa is my way of helping the world and I can see that not everyone will agree with me.

Maybe we do need to sort out the problems of our own countries before we start worr The Organisation was a dark secret known only to an elite few, and it had been created with one goal in mind. To abduct, seduce, corrupt and indoctrinate super-powered females, so that they became the ultimate sexual creatures, insatiable whores who craved sex and depravity. There was a vast untapped market for such creatures, and the Organisation planned to Author's Note: A Drow's Dilemma began as a one-on-one roleplaying project and has been converted into a chapter-by-chapter format for weekly posting with the permission and erotic corruption from my partner.

It will contain a considerable amount of sexual themes such as femdom, lesbian, straight, 'reverse' rape, BDSM, group sex, romance, and other themes. The main SmutMD Log in. Log in Remember Me. SmutMD up. There is a lot more to SmutMD than you think! Corruption Stories 2. Sort erotic corruption Best match Most recent. On Off. A Little Corruption by demonstar on Dec 4,

Erotic corruption

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