Dream girl maker

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Once upon a time men were constricted to asking girls out in person. Nowadays they have the option of messaging a girl they like the look of on Tinder or on another online dating app. Still, finding the one is no easy feat, even in this day and age which is perhaps why people still go on blind dates, use matchmakers and hope that their friends will introduce them to someone special. Indeed, one could say that dating - and finding the ideal mate - has become more difficult. Not only are our expectations higher, we also have more options.

It is so easy to choose someone who is wrong for us and let our soul mate slip by! As such, it is not at all surprising that more and more people are choosing to remain single or else are happy to flit from one casual relationship to another.

Finding someone who resembles our dream girl is near impossible. If only we could de our perfect girl! That's obviously not an option - at least not yet. But it is an option on this quiz. Everyone can dream girl maker ahead and choose their dream girl's eye color, hair color, body build and personality. The dream girl that everyone des on this quiz is the dream girl that everyone will spend life on a deserted island with!

But since this quiz is all about building your dream girl, why not go ahead and choose the height that you think is ideal.

Dream girl maker

Others like girls to be on the shorter side. Still others prefer girls to be of average height, neither too short nor too tall. They say that age is just a but we all know that this statement is not entirely true. Age does matter, at least to most of us. Some might prefer girls who are older because they are more mature and experienced.

Others might go for girls that are younger because they tend to be more fun and carefree. Do you have a preference when it comes to eye color? Most people do. In fact, according to All About Vision, most people like green eyes the most.

Dream girl maker

Light blue are deemed second most attractive, hazel eyes third most attractive and dark blue eyes fourth most attractive. Grey eyes are fifth most attractive, honey eyes the sixth most attractive and amethyst eyes whatever color that is the seventh most attractive. Brown eyes are unfortunately considered the least attractive, at least according to this very specific survey.

As is the case with eye color, everyone will have their own preference. Some men prefer blondes do they really have more fun? Still, according to Psychology Today, hair color is not all about personal preference.

Dream girl maker

Indeed, countless studies have shown that on average, blondes receive more male attention than brunettes. Redhe apparently receive the least male attention. Are these studies correct? Go ahead and prove them either right or wrong by selecting the option closest to your heart above! Long hair or short hair? Or maybe something in between? In general, long hair is deemed more feminine and romantic. Short hair is more of a statement and suits women who are dream girl maker in their own skin.

In general, men prefer long hair, and to be even more specific, long wavy locks. After all, long hair has been the standard of beauty for women for centuries. Are you a standard male? Do you too prefer long hair above any other hair cut? Or are you partial to pixie cuts and long bobs? This is the final question we have on hair, we promise! Are you a fan of straight hair or do you prefer curls?

Or perhaps you are partial to natural waves? And before you ask — curls and waves are different, even if the two words are often used interchangeably. Curly hair takes on ringlet shapes. Wavy hair on the other hand only hints at ringlets. Men are visual which is why it makes sense that they notice what women wear. Not only do they notice, but according to Tribune, they draw conclusions too!

Dream girl maker

Of course, every woman has her own style. Some women are all about dressing in figure fitting clothes that outline their feminine bodies.

Dream girl maker

Others have a bohemian style — think flowy dresses, lots of lace and unique be. Still others like to be comfortable and as such like to dress in casual clothes such as jeans and tank tops. And finally, there are those who lead minimalist lives, and that shows in their clothing too.

But her face shape does influence the way that she looks, hence why this question is important even if it might seem silly to some. They know the kind of makeup that suits them and the type of haircuts that flatter them. Those dream girl maker light skin and either blonde or red hair are more likely to get freckles than those who have darker skin and dark hair.

In general, freckles are seen as a skin imperfection and those who have freckles often go out of their way to get rid of them. Still, some people find freckles incredibly cute.

Dream girl maker

Are you one of them? Yes or no to dimples? As most are probably well aware, dimples are small depressions in the flesh. Unlike freckles, dimples are desirable perhaps because they are associated with sweet childlike appeal and irresistible innocence. Famous women like the model Miranda Kerr, the singer Ariana Grande and the actress Jennifer Garner are known for their dream girl maker, thus further making this unique facial feature more attractive and widely coveted. What kind of eyebrows would you like your dream girl to have?

Thin and feminine? Or perhaps thick and bushy? Once upon a time very thin eyebrows were all the rage. Girls plucked their eyebrows until they virtually had no hair above their eyes. Think Christina Aguilera circa Nowadays bushy eyebrows are in. Everyone wants to have eyebrows that are similar to those sported by the model Cara Delevingne pictured above. Whatever eyebrows your dream girl has, it is important that she takes good care of them. Is she so smart that some people call her a genius? Is she an intellectual who enjoys discussing philosophy and sociology questions?

Is she just smart enough? Or is she not very smart at all? Once again this question is subjective and will depend a lot on your own personality. Would you like your dream girl to be full-figured and shapely? Or would you prefer it if she was very thin? You can never go wrong with a girl that is of healthy, average build. Are you ready to choose one of the options above? If so, go ahead!

The type of profession that your dream girl has will of course say a lot about her personality. Is she somehow involved in the fashion industry? Then she probably knows just how important dream girl maker impressions are. Is she in the creative industry? Then she knows how to think outside the box. Is she employed in the business sector? Then she is probably level headed and intelligent.

Dream girl maker

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