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Visit our new games listblog aggregatorIRC channeland Discord. NaNoRenO ends when April begins. Activation problem? PyTom. Lemma Soft Forums Supporting creators of cute demon crashers cg novels and story-based games since Unanswered topics Active topics. Forum rules Adult content should not be posted in this forum.

Post Reply. Contact Pudding Fluff. Send private message Twitter. So we recommend it for audiences over 18 years old. You'll have the choice to censor the naughty bits in game if you'd like. This game is about consent and feeling safe in intimacy, so you can stop the sexytimes at different points, or keep going. If you'd still like to play this game but don't want to see any intimate scenes or nudity even censoredyou can pick a no-sex ending.

After wishing for a fun fling, she suddenly finds herself in the company of four sex demons! Three incubi and one succubus to be exact. Her self-consciousness makes it hard for her to be outgoing, and she has insecurities surrounding dating and sex. Disappointed that university didn't turn out as exciting as she hoped for, she predicts spring break will be no different. Akki A cheerful and happy-go-lucky demon who has a penchant for human food and video games. Like Claire, he's also shy when it comes to sex. Despite that, he's eager to please.

Orias Orias wants nothing more than to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea. He may seem stoic, but he's very sensitive to the people around him. Kael Warm and supportive, Kael is the glue cute demon crashers cg keeps the 'family' together. He's the most responsible of the demons, and is a good listener.

Pastimes include cooking, sleeping, and music. Mirari The one who crashed Claire's lazy spring break, Mirari is known to be spontaneous. She's easygoing and loves to socialize. Hobbies include board games and gardening. Last edited by Pudding Fluff on Sun Aug 16, pm, edited 1 time in total. Contact Shadow. Send private message Twitter Website. Contact Deji. Tumblr Twitter Forever busy :'. Use your Google-fu! Don't trust your memory, and don't blindly trust what others teach you either.

Research, observation, analysis, experimentation and practice are the key! Contact Feral Phoenix. Send private message. You guys did great work; I hope you get a ton of positive feedback to roll around in! Contact MaiMai. I'm so happy you guys stuck to finishing and polishing this game up.

Contact LadyOfGatsby. Can't wait to play it. Contact Larite. And I really love the ending, it's such a wonderful part, some thing that I missed from beginning! Awww, thank you for this beautiful game. Contact buxton Contact Undim. Very impressive in execution of an idea that could have easily gone wrong. I do have one bug I've spotted; it's a nitpick but Mirari's first two CGs are flipped in the gallery in relation to their icons. We'll a fixed version shortly.

Contact MitsuIsh. You guys have worked so hard on this game; I really admire the determination and patience that you all have. Lots of other people would just throw in the towel or take even longer haha. It did take a really long time and lots of delays, but I think it was worth the wait given all the polishing, little additions, and the special treat.

I saw some people give up on this game because of the wait, but they don't know what they're missing. Thank you so much for taking the time to create a free quality game with a positive message. Contact Erotome.

I wanted to say I've been following this game now for months, and awaited in anticipation for the release. It's an excellent starting point for younger players who are curious but unsure, and can I just say it's a much more genuine experience than the despoliation that seems to inundate the Japanese R-rated otome market Not to knock on anyone's fantasy, but it's tiring to see game after game of the repetitive, "You're too sexy, I'm going to do things to you now even if you beg me not to" trope.

In terms of the new material, I love the voice acting as all were done very well HNNG to Orias' actor, btwas well as the addition of the animations. The whiteout scenes made the experience seem romantic and the music really just makes it all so tender, so much sweetness to enjoy. I would like to mention what I feel like is my only gripe: During the CG's it feels like there's a lot more male gaze than female gaze i. More specifically both Kael and Orias show little skin compared to Akki and Mirari.

I wondered if this was due to concerns that excess of male nudity would make players feel uncomfortable since, if the player base is primarily female they might feel more comfortable cute demon crashers cg the female body rather than male? I think I'm just a pervert who would've liked a little more peen on the screen forgive me!! I love the game, and thanks for making it. We didn't really want to showcase peen or force camera angles to show penetration, hahaha, so yes, it was lacking on that department Everyone was realllllly cute and the voice acting was a nice extra touch.

It must have been a pain to draw all those variations and test them and make sure that the stop button works right everywhere I'm really impressed with the end result, it's very polished. I still really love the safe and friendly atmosphere that's built up around sex here. Hopefully CDC has blazed the trail for similar works in the future. Contact hiko Heck, just with consent and sex together in the same freaking sentence. Sidenote: Totally agree with what the other user said about R-otome games. They love their forced sex apparently. This game was a breath of fresh air from that.

But okay, most likely just me but when Claire lost her virginity, felt very unrealistic. Losing your virginity hurts like someone fucking stabbed you though I don't think it happens to everybodyso I was actually waiting for that. But totally fine if you guys were going for a more romantic atmosphere.

Cute demon crashers cg

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