Cumonprinted pics

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Cum On Printed Pics For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept, tribute porn is when a guy takes a non-pornographic picture of a girl and cums on it.

Cumonprinted pics

This was traditionally done with printed pictures, but in the digital age, it is not uncommon to see tribute porn in which dudes cut out the middleman and just splooge all over their computer or phone screens. Adhering to rule 34—if it exists, there is porn of it—it should come as no surprise that there are hundreds of websites dedicated entirely to thriving communities of tribute fappers.

Personally, I am about as far from understanding the appeal of this as you can get. What the fuck could possibly be even remotely arousing about seeing other dudes splatter pictures of the girls you fantasize about with cum? The public aspect of it is almost essential to the act of cumonprinted pics tribute. Huge, Active Community Whatever you call it, it would appear that a lot of guys partake in this strange, almost tribal ritual. When I visited cumonprintedpics.

A total ofregistered users not even taking into guests are responsible for 3, posts on this forum site as of the time of this review. Or, actually, who am I kidding? You probably posted her. Classic Forum Layout Cum on Printed Pics should look familiar to anyone who has used a forum site before.

It has a pretty basic, classic forum site de … tables of thre to choose from cumonprinted pics all the relevant stats listed in cells to the right of the title and description of topics, of posts, of replies, of views, last post. Also in line with other forum sites, each post and reply can be upvoted or downvoted. The main difference between other forum sites and Cum on Printed Pics is that the latter has a moving slideshow of the last 30 image attachments posted cumonprinted pics the site, which updates every two minutes.

Plus, there are thre dedicated solely to celebrities, either to Photoshopped fakes of nude celebs or cum tributes to celebs. Cum on Printed Pics is, if nothing else, a world of extreme fantasy. I should issue a warning to anyone who plans on checking out Cum on Printed Pics.

And that is fucking disgusting. I obviously did not click into these posts, but I just thought you should know, there are definitely pedophiles who frequent this site. And I have half the mind to track down each and every one of them via IP address and put a bullet in the back of their he, one by one.

Cumonprinted pics

The fact that there are sick fucking pieces of shit on this site posting pictures of little girls for other sick fucking pieces of shit to jack off to is more than enough for me to say fuck it. If you are a moderator of Cum on Printed Pics and you are cumonprinted pics this right now, I have four words for you: do a better job. Figure your shit out. Why the fuck should a user even have the ability to post things with titles that indicate illegal content? Auto-flag certain keywords, be more vigilant in your checks of content, review posts before they go up, do something!

It is not acceptable for sites to operate on the honor system when it comes to shit like this. Mainly because the honor system requires that the people operating within it have a sense of honor, to begin with. Pedophiles are a cancer; they will spread if given the right environment. All in all, if you are into the whole tribute porn thing, there is a thriving community of equally sad guys to jizz on pictures with.

The same goes for those of you who are into Photoshopped nudes and fake celebs. It has the potential to be a great community for these purposes. Open CumOnPrintedPics. CumOnPrintedPics Sexy EGirls Forum. Social Cumonprinted pics Girls Forum. Phun Forum. Vintage Erotica Forums. Top Premium Porn Sites. Free Porn Tube Sites.

Cumonprinted pics

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Cumonprinted pics

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Cumonprinted pics

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