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The bill requires the sex offender management board, in collaboration with the department of corrections, the judicial department, and the parole board, and in consultation with sex offender research experts, to establish evidence-based criteria for the release of low-risk offenders. The bill requires the department of corrections to allow a low-risk sex offender to complete his or her required treatment in a community-based program if the department does not have sufficient prison-based treatment for the offender.

The bill prohibits the parole board from denying parole to a low-risk sex offender because the offender did not complete treatment if the offender is seeking release to complete treatment in a community-based program. Aguilar Rep. Agency Name Toggle Agency 141 sex. Note: This summary applies to this bill as introduced. View Recent Bill Text. View Recent Fiscal Note. View Research Note. Activity Vote Documents Adopt amendment L. The motion passed without objection. Adopt amendment L. Refer Senate Billas amended, to the Committee of the Whole.

The motion failed on a vote of The motion. Herod Sponsor Co-sponsor. Related Bills. Related Publications. Staff Publications. Sentencing Scheme Comparsion. Class 1 Misdemeanor Traffic Offenses. Colorado General Assembly.

141 sex

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Low-risk Sex Offender Community-based Treatment